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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Servizio Sociale

How to enrol

Information for prospective foreign students is available on the University's main website


Knowledge entry test

Enrolment in a bachelor's degree at the School of Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri" entails taking a knowledge entry test. The results of the test are informative only and do not prevent enrolment and attendance to regular courses, but failure to sit for the test or not passing the test will prevent taking exams.

Questions will touch the following topics: political-institutional history and culture; logic reasoning; Italian language; English language.

Students that do not pass all or part of the test need to attend compulsory extra-curricular courses in the areas where they failed; upon successful completion of those it is possible to enrol in exams.

For further information please visit the dedicated School webpage.

last update: 19-Oct-2021
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